Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are Most Indians Smart Enough for a Smartphone?

While going through my RSS feeds, I came across a blog published on WATBlog, which gives some interesting numbers justifying how smartphones will be the future of mobile phones. I strongly believe this is true, since these phones have empowered us to do things, we would only wish we could after watching sci-fi movies (something like facetime).

Yesterday my friend asked me which phone should he buy - an iPhone 3GS or a Blackberry Bold 9700. I told him both phones are different and it all depends on what you need from a phone (I did not call it smartphone, as I was sure that would have confused him even more), what features are you looking for, etc. He interrupted me and told me that features and all are ok, tell me which phone will be better for "show". I was silenced, and asked him to go for the iPhone 3GS (traits of a fanboy).

Two plus two - I realized an average person does not care about the true potential of a smartphone (android phones substituting supercomputers), the built in apps, the best of apps available in the app stores which can make life much easier. I know a few friends who have never used their smartphones for anything other than instant messaging, accessing social media sites, basic email - what about editing documents on the go or using location based services (for the GPS enabled phones), using business intelligence apps, RSS reader apps, and a gazillion other things these phones are capable of. On the flip side I know some people who are using regular phones for feeding blogs to their phones.

People may say that an average Indian may not need to use such high end features in a phone. In arguement an average Indian may not even need these high end smartphones, since most of what they want will be fulfilled by most average feature phones (interesting article on the difference between smartphones and feature phones).

Is an average Indian just happy by the "show" factor of these phones or is he smart enough to use these phones to an extent that their existence is justified?

Source - WATBlog, blog.itechtalk.com

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