Thursday, July 29, 2010

Motorola Mocks Apple....Again

Motorola's earlier ad for the Droid X claimed that “it comes with a double antenna design.  The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls.” This was a jab at Apple which claimed that smartphones have weak spots and in areas of relatively weak signal strength, gripping them in certain ways attenuates the signal strength. Clearly Motorola doesn't feel the same.

Apple bounced back with a video showing that the Droid X also has the same signal issues the iPhone 4 has, although when held in the right hand (the other videos demonstrated the problem when the phones were held in the left hand). 
The latest ad for the Droid X is titled as "No Jacket Required", which doesn't seem to be a response to the Apple video, but clearly mocks Apple that has advised iPhone 4 users to use a case ("Jacket") if they are experiencing low signal strength (Apple is actually giving out free cases).

The ad has a catchy title, but I am not convinced that it has what it takes to lure people into choosing the Droid X over the iPhone 4.

Source - Droid-Life, Engadget.

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