Thursday, July 22, 2010

OlivePad-VT100 India's First 3.5G Tablet

On Thursday July 22, 2010, Olive Telecom unveiled India's first 3.5G Tablet, the OlivePad-VT100, running on the Android Operating System (doubtful if it will be 2.2). Notable features include
1. 7-inch capacitive touchpanel with a resolution of 800x480.
2. Supports 3.5G HSUPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.
3. Flash Support.
4. A 3-megapixel camera and a front facing camera.
5. An SD card slot, 512MB of internal memory (plus 512MB ROM).
6. Mini USB Port.
7. 3240 mAh battery.

The company believes that the above features will make the device ideal for - "browsing, Multimedia, Instant Messaging and easy access to the world of social networking, GPS for maps and turn by turn directions, gaming console, an e- book reader, Television and it is also a Smart Phone allowing voice and Video Calling".

The tablet is expected to go on sale from August and will be available at Croma stores across the nation.

The device has some features that are missing from the acclaimed Apple iPad, like - flash support, camera, SD card support, USB port, GPS radio, etc. It will be interesting to see how this device will fair compared to the iPad. Although the iPad has not been officially launched in India, it is very much available in the Indian grey market.

The OlivePad priced at Rs 25,000 will be a viable option for the tech savvy Indians who were unable to afford the more expensive iPad (starting at Rs 40,000, ebay.in).

Other successful products of Olive Telecom include the OliveFrvrOn (India’s 1st Hybrid Phone), OliveZipbook (India’s 1st 3G embedded Netbook), OliveWiz (India’s 1st Triple SIM Qwerty device), OliveGenie (India’s 1st 3G Music Modem) & OLiveNexus (India’s 1st Pocket Router).

Source - Olive Telecom, Engadget.

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